What’s in the “mesh” at Mobile Mesh Games?

Mobile Mesh Games is a game studio focused on bringing Live Multiplayer Social Games, otherwise known as Mesh Games, to life! The “mesh” is you interacting with other people with our games/apps to do that while having fun. Our mission is to mesh people and mobile devices together in fun and engaging ways, bringing back the feeling of traditional games where face-to-face interaction is a core part of the experience. We’re always working towards new ideas, innovations, and games that will bring completely unique experiences into your hands! Here’s some of what we’ve got for show right now for free, on your mobile device!


Challenge your friends to an epic multiplayer Kung-Fu battle! Kung Fu Phone Fight is similar to Rock, Paper, Scissors, but with 8 moves and 10 fighters! Choosing the perfect time to block and/or attack is when you will be “meshing” in this game. In this Kung Fu Phone Fight, being the last one standing is the ultimate goal.


What’s for Breakfast? is similar to the social role-playing card games Werewolf and Mafia, so if you know those, you’ll be right at home in this diner. Breakfast is being served, and with 3 minutes on the clock, everyone in the group has to figure out who’s who! This game has different roles: cook, pig, chicken, cow and turkey. They each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Your goal as an animal is to find out the chef. Your goal as the chef is not to let the animals find out that you are the chef. Only by “meshing” can you question, accuse and reveal your role to find your target.


Tricky Twists is similar to the classic Twister game, but uses your phones instead of a mat! One player puts in everyone’s name, hand, and phone color, then everyone else selects their phone color to create the “mat”! Your phone counts the number of “twist” you do to give you something to keep you coming back and/or keep playing it to see if how many “twists” you can do. You cannot help, but “mesh” with others as you communicate and help each other try not to fall down and get as many “twists” as possible before you or somebody else falls.


Funny Business is a social game where players get a random job title and have to explain what they do to the group! With a category in mind, each player takes their job and tries to network with the group about their day job.  With 60,000 different titles, this game has endless possibilities. While you are trying to elaborate on your job title that you get, and the other players are asking you questions about your exciting career, then you will be “meshing”.

Dice Topper is a “Top That!” dice game. It’s a bit like “Left Center Right” but you’ll be rolling much higher in Dice Topper! Choose from over 50 different dice and take turns rolling. The high roller gets the win! The randomness of each die roll will draw you in so that you will be “meshing” together to see if you will be the new high roller.

Now that you know what’s in the “mesh” at Mobile Mesh Games, the only question left is: Which one are you going to play first?