Tricky Twists, the first Mobile Mesh Games release, is now available for iOS and Android! Download it now and don’t forget to rate and review us!

Tricky Twists is a multiplayer body-twisting game. Get a group of friends together and you can play a round in just a few minutes! The app is free to download and works cross-platform. Since there’s no internet connection between devices, you can play even if your group has a mix of iOS and Android devices! We’d love to know how your games went, and if you have a friend willing to snap a picture of your game, share it on Twitter/Facebook with #TrickyTwists!

Tricky Twists is our first release! We’re really excited to be sharing this with you, and we’re looking forward to hearing what you think about it. If you have any feedback, you can leave a review on Google Play or the App Store, or if you want to contact us directly, head over to our Contact Us page to leave a message.

Thanks for playing!

Tricky Twists on the App Store

Tricky Twists on Google Play