What’s for Breakfast? is another one of our Mesh Games (also known as a Live Social Multiplayer Game) This is a pretty popular genre right now, and there are a few different social deduction games, but what exactly is a social deduction game?

In this genre, you try to use social reasoning to narrow the gap and pick the correct player. The other players will try and deceive you by lying, saying that the player is what he or she isn’t and/or just coming up with random stuff to throw you off.

There are two common elements among social deduction games. The first is that everyone playing will get a role with a specific task to complete. These tasks can be to survive, eat your opponents, or cooking up some breakfast. The second is that players can only discover each other’s roles through discussion and detecting if a player is lying or being honest. Now, how is this genre being used to create unique experiences?

In Mafia, there are many different roles that players can be, put into two sides: The town and the Mafia. The townspeople have to find and accuse the mafia members, while the Mafia has to get rid of each town member. Everyone in the town has a different role to help out the other town members. These are roles like the medic, who can save a town member, or the mayor who has an extra vote during accusation. Each round has a day and night phase. During the daytime, the townspeople can accuse someone. During the nighttime, the townspeople close their eyes and the Mafia chooses someone to kill. These games can get pretty intense with more players, and it’s all about the tension that the town vs. Mafia mechanic creates.

What about Werewolf? Well, it’s pretty similar, but the “mafia” is just one werewolf, and the townspeople all have the same role. (Except for one, the “seer”, who can find out who the werewolf is during the night.) These games usually take around 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how many people you have and who is familiar with the game.

Now for the big question. What makes What’s for Breakfast a different, unique experience? In What’s for Breakfast, you can either play as the cook, critic, pig, cow, turkey, or chicken. What’s for Breakfast differentiates itself from the others—there’s no day or night cycles, and it’s quicker and accessible for all ages. As the cook, you want to find out who is the cow. As the animals, you have to guess who the cook is, so that you’re not for breakfast. There’s only one round: You’re either the one who’s cooking breakfast, or you’re trying to stay alive and not become breakfast. The game is one of the fastest social deduction games out there, with one round lasting only 3 minutes. What’s for Breakfast is a fun way to be social with friends, family and a great way to get to know people better.