The goal that we laid out in our first post about Live Multiplayer Social Games gave a clear picture of why we need more games that require in-person interaction, but there’s more than one application for this. You can play Live Multiplayer Social Games in party settings, to get the room moving and get people mingling. We’re going to detail why our games are fantastic tools for party planners, and how they can be used as a great party game in social settings.

Remember those little party games that teachers and team-builders make you play to get to know other people? They’re called icebreakers, and they usually have people do something to reinforce teamwork or meet people. Icebreakers usually don’t really achieve their goal, because they’re not that fun. Live Multiplayer Social Games are designed to be fun ways to accomplish these goals, which keep the mood light and help people close the distance between each other without making the group too uncomfortable.

If we look at our first Live Multiplayer Social Game, Tricky Twists, this is a game that has people work together to solve a problem that can’t be solved by just a single person. It requires both verbal and physical communication, and it also helps break the always-present touch barrier between strangers. These are great reasons to have a Tricky Twists session at your next party—it’ll get people mingling without making them feel uncomfortable about getting to know each other! (If you’re interested, give it a try for free!)

And it won’t stop just at Tricky Twists, all of our Live Multiplayer Social Games will have aspects that help bring people together in real spaces, from families and friends that know the most about each other, to total strangers who haven’t even spoken. Continuing the goal of meshing people together in fun and engaging ways, party planners will find our games to be a great addition to any celebration.