Hey there! My name is Max, I’m the community manager for Mobile Mesh Games, and I’ll be writing quite a lot about us over the next few months. This is our first blog post on our new corporate blog, where we’ll be detailing everything about Mobile Mesh: Who the people on the team are, what we’re going to be releasing in the coming year, and how we’re creating a new genre of mobile games. Let’s dive right into it!

Last year, Drew Jones and Liz Eversoll co-founded Mobile Mesh Games with one big idea in mind: create mobile games and applications that bring back the old feeling of “game night”. Fun, in-person apps that don’t just allow people to kill time but create social interactions, build relationships, and help people mesh with each other in fun and engaging ways. With this as our principle, we’re making games that bring much more to the table than a lot of what’s on the mobile market. This philosophy is leading to some very creative and innovative game ideas. Developing games that focus on the live, social experience is something that’s rarely been done in the mobile space before.

Mobile Mesh Games is based in Whitewater, Wisconsin. This city holds the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, a UW-system school with one of the only game-centric majors in the Midwest. The company is providing internships to students at the college, giving them a great opportunity to work at a gaming startup before graduation (A shipped game before walking across the stage is a huge resume piece!) Right now, we have a small handful of interns working on a set of games. We hope to be constantly releasing new experiences for people to enjoy, and our team workflow is focused on that.

Let’s get to the important stuff: the games. We’ve been hard at work on our first two titles, and while we can’t divulge the specifics on them yet, we can start by telling you our goal with these games. That goal is the new genre of Live Multiplayer Social Games. Remember the feeling of being around a table with your friends or family and sharing time over a game? That kind of bonding experience is starting to get lost in the digital age, and we want people to have that experience again. We’re building a game platform that will allow mobile devices to communicate with each other across all of our games. This is central to Mobile Mesh, and it’s what will allow us to make mobile games for families, friends, and any other group that wants to have an awesome time.

But it’s important to restate that this is our goal, not our journey. We’re going to be making games that fit into tons of different places, and so while we’re working towards the bigger picture, we’re still really excited to show you some of our projects that might be best categorized by traditional genres.

As for the games, they’ll be coming soon. Next week, I’ll talk more about what “Live Multiplayer Social Games” will entail. Thanks for reading, and keep an eye on us!