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A hilarious body-twisting game that gets trickier as you go!

Tricky Twists is like Twister for your phone! Great for birthdays, parties, holidays, conferences, lunch breaks, and anytime you and your friends want to get Tricky! And it’s completely free! This is a Live Multiplayer Social Game, which means you have to have everyone in the same room with you to play.

You can have an unlimited number of players in Tricky Twists! All that you need is for everyone to be in the same room. The more players you have, the further you can go in Tricky Twists. Use it as an icebreaker to get people involved, or play it with your best friends! Tricky Twists provides a unique,challenging, and fun environment for players of all ages!

Tricky Twists supports being able to play offline. No need to be connected to the internet to play with your friends, you can just enter their name and tell them what color they need to set their phone to be.

It’s great for kids who want to play something quick and fun. It can be played at birthday parties or sleepovers, and with unlimited players, even kids without a device can play! Everyone is included in every game of Tricky Twists!

Trying to get teens or newcomers interested and talking to each other? Use Tricky Twists as an icebreaker! Get the room moving with a game that anyone can play and download for free!

Need to make a business meeting a bit more casual? At a conference and the floor isn’t quite as energetic as it should be? Tricky Twists is perfect for that, too! One quick download on everyone’s devices, and you’ll be ready to liven up the room in no time at all!

Tricky Twists will also always be free on Google Play and iOS, so no need for anyone to pay to give this game a shot. We want you to have a great experience! If you need help or run into a problem, leave a review and we’ll respond! You can also check out our contact page if you want to email us directly:


Game Type: Live Multiplayer Social Game

Ages: 10+

Playtime: 4-7 Minutes (longer if you’re really good and flexible)

Availability:  iOS, Android


Devices Needed to Play: At least 1, supports unlimited! (Recommended minimum: 3)

Number of Players: Best with Groups of 8 or less, but allows unlimited players so try to set a record and let us know about it!!

Compatibility: Phones, Tablets


Designers: Drew Jones, Brandon Korth

Artists/Graphics: Megan Eaton

Programmers: Justin Wainright, Brandon Korth

Development: Unity