Battle against your friends in an epic multiplayer Kung-Fu battle!

Want to find out who the true Kung Fu Master is? Challenge your friends to a Kung Fu Phone Fight! Select your fighting style with tons of moves and different characters to choose from. Get your friends and family together for a legendary battle! This is a Live Multiplayer Social Game, which means that you have to have everyone in the same room with you to play.

Show off your moves with our battle system! Each round will show you what awesome attacks your friends pull out! Explore 10 different characters, each with their own special moves! Fight in a group battle or prove yourself in a 1v1 showdown! The possibilities in Kung Fu Phone Fight are endless! Just swipe and choose your fighter, tap on “fight” and you’ll be ready to play! Gather your friends and show them who the real black belt is! And it’s completely free!

Everyone gets three amazing fighters to start, the White Pupil, the Yellow Trainee, and the Red Student for free! You can unlock the others: The Geisha, Rice Farmer, Old Master, Dark Ninja, Shaolin Monk, Chef, and Light Ninja in the game as in-app purchases, or you can get them all at a discounted price!

And that’s not all, each character has their own special ability that’s crazy powerful, from stealing health to deflecting attacks, even to regenerating health! They each have their own playstyle, so find the one that fits you best! The game supports unlimited players, so you can include anyone who’s got a device to play on, whether it’s Android or iOS. You can play at parties or sleepovers with offline capabilities, too. There’s tons of ways to throw down and show up your friends and tell them who the real master is!

We’ll also be releasing more Live Multiplayer Social Games soon, so keep an eye on our website/social media to make sure you don’t miss a Mobile Mesh release!

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Game Type: Live Multiplayer Social Game

#Players: From a 2-player duel to unlimited players!

Ages: All ages!

Playtime: 3-5 minutes

Availability:  iOS, Android


Designer(s): Drew Jones, Brandon Korth

Artists/Graphics: Megan Eaton

Programmer(s): Jusin Wainright, Brandon Korth

Development: Unity


Devices Needed to Play: 1 Per Player

Number of Players: From a two-player duel to unlimited fighters!

Compatibility: Phones