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It’s time to get down to business. Funny Business, that is!

Are you a Novice Pumpkin Enlister? Or maybe a Experienced Leprechaun Combiner? Improvise hilarious job titles with your friends from crazy business cards! Play different job roles and convince your friends that your job is the funniest!

Funny Business is a Live Multiplayer Social Game, which means you have to have everyone in the same room with you to play. These are games that bring back family game night, and allow you to create a space where you and your friends can have fun, engaging experiences with each other using only the technology that everyone already has in their pocket!

Funny Business is a great way to get friends talking and mingling with each other, or to soften up the group at a meeting. Need a quick game to play with your friends while you’re waiting in line? Load up Funny Business, it only takes 5 minutes to play a round! Who’s the funniest out of your friends? Find out with their Funny Business skills next time you hang out! Funny Business will be the biggest hit at your next party!


The normal version of the game has over 60,000 different job titles, so you’ll never run out of side-splitting job titles to play with! Just like Tricky Twists, Funny Business supports an unlimited number of players, and works offline! No need to worry about anyone not being included. There’s ten different categories to choose from, so that each game will be just different enough to keep everyone on their toes. With only one device necessary to play, even those who don’t have the game or a device can play with the group!

Want even more side-splitting job titles? You can buy more Funny Business if you like the base game. It adds on more skill levels, titles, and increases the combination of job titles to over 500,000! The “More Business” add-on is a great way to keep the party going, and for only a 99 cent price!

Enjoying Funny Business? Check out our other apps in the store, Tricky Twists, and Flip the Chip Jr. We’ll also be releasing more Live Multiplayer Social Games soon, so keep an eye on our website/social media to make sure you don’t miss a Mobile Mesh release!

If you need help or run into a problem, leave a review and we’ll respond! You can also check out our contact page if you want to email us directly!




Game Type: Live Multiplayer Social Game

Ages: 10+

Playtime: 5-10 minutes per round (shorter/longer depending on amount of players)

Availability:  iOS, Android


Devices Needed to Play: Just 1! (“Hotseat” style multiplayer)

Number of Players: From 2 to unlimited! (Recommended minimum: 3)

Compatibility: Phones, Tablets


Designers: Drew Jones, Brandon Korth, Craig Reuss

Artists /Graphics: Drew Jones, Maverick Kien

Programmers: Brandon Korth, Orrin Oliver, Eric Peltier

Development: Unity