Kids love to Flip the Chip! It is easy as … Flip, Learn, Fun!

Flip the Chip Jr. will entertain your child for hours, designed for kids, and COMPLETELY FREE!

Flip the Chip Jr. is a fun, coin-flipping mini-game that was designed to entertain kids and teach them some basic concepts. The game gives kids a simple coin-flipping environment where they can flip over 200 designs and play with them! Kids will start off with ten different chips to play with, and every 8 chips, the GIFT CHIP will show up, which then unlocks a new chip for children to learn!

The game begins with a starter pack of FREE CHIPS! There’s tons of designs with fun things that parents can show their kids, and kids can explore tons of different chips to play with. The gift chips award new chips with a rain of confetti and a plethora of sound to encourage kids to keep flipping! There’s hours of entertainment to keep kids busy.

We offer a premium version of the game for just a $0.99 In-App Purchase. It unlocks access to ALL chip designs, which means your chip collection will become 6 TIMES LARGER! Also, the gift chips will appear at almost DOUBLE the rate! This means that you’ll have a ton more content for you or your child to play with! In addition, all ads will completely disappear from the game, so that you’ll never have an advertisement during your gameplay again!

Flip the Chip Jr. also acts as a small demo for the full Flip the Chip game!


– Alphabet
– Animals
– Candy
– Cats
– Dogs
– Emoticons
– Insect
– Monsters
– Music
– Numbers
– Ocean Life
– People
– Robots
– Sports
– Utopia
– Vehicles

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Game Type: Simple Flip and Collect

#Players: 1 (Solo)

Ages: 2+

Playtime: Very Short (just a sec or two to flip)

Availability:  iOS, Android


Designer(s): Drew Jones

Artists/Graphics: Drew Jones, Bambi Kunic

Programmer(s): Orrin Oliver, Brandon Korth

Development: Unity