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Flip against your friends and collect over 500 different chips!

Flip the Chip is a chip-flipping game with a fun twist! Flip against your friends and collect rare chips! There’s over 500 designs to win, will you get them all?

Connect to Facebook to find your friends and play against them. See everyone who’s playing and challenge them to win their chips! You can get three different rarities of chips (common, uncommon, and RARE), and you start with some of each. You’ll win tons of each as you play and challenge other people.

Flip in a 3D flipping environment! You can see your chips fly into the air, bounce around, and land in a 3D world. Our challenges let you see how your chips will land and let you call what sides you and your opponent land on. Our colorful, gorgeous chips shine in 3D, and it makes collecting chips much more exciting and rewarding.

Running out of chips? No problem! You can watch a video every match to get a new chip added to your collection. If you want a big pack of chips, you can buy them in the store and get guaranteed rare chips! There’s a small and large booster pack you can buy, along with a pack that gets rid of those annoying ads. Collect enough and you’ll never run out of chips!

There’s over 25 categories of chips that you can collect from, including emoticons, monsters, zombies, and tons more! You can challenge anyone around the world to a match. In your profile, you can see your whole collection in one screen! We also allow for worldwide play, so no matter where you or your opponent is, you can play against them! Flip the Chip is completely free to download!

Android – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.MobileMeshGames.FlipTheChip
iOS – https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flip-the-chip/id992893349?ls=1&mt=8


Game Type: Flip Challenge

#Players: 2 (Multiplayer)

Ages: 13+

Playtime: Short (Challenge, flip, win)

Availability:  iOS, Android


Designer(s): Drew Jones

Artists/Graphics: Drew Jones, Bambi Kunic

Programmer(s): Greg Quinn, Orrin Oliver, Brandon Korth

Special Thanks: Austin Erickson

Development: Unity