A “Top-that!” Dice Game!

Time to teach your friends who’s at the top! Dice Topper is a multiplayer showcase of who’s got the best rolling skills! Top your friends and family and show them who the real HIGH ROLLER is!

This is our latest LIVE MULTIPLAYER SOCIAL GAME: Our new genre of games that’s bringing back the fun and engaging feeling of family game night! So make sure you have your friends or family in the room with you to see who the high roller is!

Play with your family and friends to make it a game night!
Dice Topper is perfect for getting the gang together and having something fun and casual to play when you just want to hang out. If you’ve played Left, Center, Right (LCR) then you’ll be right at home with Dice Topper! But don’t be fooled: Even though this game seems perfect for a casual game night in, all it takes is a good roll and things will get HEATED! Feel the tension rise as you get higher and higher rolls, coming closer to victory! You and your friends will have a blast finding out who can top the highest roll!

Collect over 35 different types of dice!
Express yourself with tons of unique dice skins to collect and play with! There’s everything from simple color changes to swirls to casino dice and more! Each player can select their favorite colors to roll with! We’re constantly working on more dice skins to be added, but you’ll start with a HUGE amount of colors, patterns, looks to choose from!

Choose between four unique and replayable game modes!
Dice Topper comes with two different game types and two different modes. Play CLASSIC mode for a longer, more high-stakes game, or play PROGRESSIVE if you want more dice every round! In addition, you can play with UNLIMITED PLAYERS in the game’s normal multiplayer mode, or you can play alone if you just want to play against computers in SOLO mode! All the modes are interchangable, so find whichever one works best for you and your friends!


  • Unlimited Players!
  • A flowing 3D environment to roll your dice.
  • Dice simulator built from the ground up
  • Two (Three if solo mode) game modes for varied play
  • 20 different dice skins with unique looks!
  • Relaxed and casual gameplay makes for a great conversation game!
  • Watch your score skyrocket with our unique effects and sounds!
  • A unique art style built from the ground up!
  • EVERY game is different!!

Game Type: Live Multiplayer Social Game or Single Player Game

Ages: 5+

Playtime: 2-10 minutes

Availability:  iOS, Android


Devices Needed to Play: Just one device

Number of Players: 2 – Unlimited Players!

Compatibility: Phones, Tablets


Designers: Drew Jones, Brandon Korth

Artists/Graphics: Brandon Korth, Megan Eaton

Programmers: Orrin Oliver Justin Wainright, Brandon Korth

Development: Unity