Funny Business, the hilarious business card party game, is now available for FREE on iOS and Android! Download it now, rate and review, and get down to business! This is a Live Multiplayer Social Game, so make sure you have your friends around to play a round!

Funny Business is a social party game where you get assigned a hilarious random job title, and then have to explain it. Everything from Novice Finger Analyser to Skilled Paper Clip Appraiser, we’ve got over 60,000 possible job titles to get!

Other players ask questions you have to answer about your career. After everyone’s turn, there is a voting round where each player picks who fit the category best (funniest, most hands-on, most emotionally rewarding). Once everyone takes care of business, the player with the most votes wins!

Play when you need something to get people talking at a party, want to have some family game time, or even when you’re waiting in line, bored, and need something to pass the time. All you need for Funny Business is a single device and a group of people!

We also want to see what your most hilarious business cards were, so screenshot them and share them with us on Twitter and Facebook using #FunnyBusiness!

If you want more business, we have an optional In-app purchase that increases the amount of possible job titles to over 500,000! If you’re interested in reviewing the game or talking to us about it for your site/blog/podcast/anything, shoot us an email and we’ll get you set up:

Thanks for playing!