Today, we’re releasing the full version of Flip the Chip on the Apple App Store and Google Play for FREE!

Flip the Chip is simple, but crazy addictive! Pick the chip you’d like to use, match with an opponent, and both of you flip your chips. In the air, call if they’ll land on same or different sides, and see who won! The winner gets BOTH chips, and the loser gets nothing. Get ready to taunt your friends and flaunt your chips today in Flip the Chip!

Our multiplayer uses Facebook Connect so you can flip against your friends and family! Even if you don’t have Facebook, you can still play using your email. Play against people from all over the WORLD in Flip the Chip, and get the biggest and best collection out of everyone!

You’ll never get bored with over 500 chips to collect from 27 different categories! You’ll start with a small collection with just a few chips and rares, but there are BOOSTER PACKS available for purchase that give you a HUGE amount of chips, with guaranteed uncommons and rares!

We’re super excited for this release, and we want you to get it now and start playing! You might even see us in the game if you’re playing early enough! If you enjoy it, don’t forget to rate and review us to get the word out about how awesome Flip the Chip is! Thanks for playing!

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