You might have heard us talk about “Family Game Night” before, and that’s a core part to our new genre of games, Live Multiplayer Social Games. During the peak of board game popularity, families could get together in the evenings and play games as a group, which brought families together without any distractions.

In these days, where everyone has computers in their pockets, distractions are rampant, and it’s a lot easier to be pulled away from times when families are supposed to be connected and socializing. Instead of creating a family game night where everyone has to get rid of their technology (which, as we know, it’s pretty difficult to convince someone to get rid of their smartphone for an hour or two!), we’re making games that have people use that technology. This way, families can recreate family game night without even having to pull out the old game collection. Kids and Teens will stay engaged since its using their own devices, and there’s no clean up when the game is over!

Since some of our games only require one device, you can even play at family gatherings with tons of people, even those without smartphones! This is the case with our most social game, Funny Business. Names are inputted at the start of the game, and the game is played with “hotseat” multiplayer, where each player takes their turn with the device and explains their job title. For other Live Multiplayer Social Games, we’re planning on keeping them inclusive so that people with older phones or no phones at all will be able to have a game night with the people they want to play with.

If you’re finding yourself looking for a way to get the family together again, get everyone together in the same room and give a Live Multiplayer Social Game a chance! It’ll bring people together again.