Arcade Challenge was a huge success last weekend! We had over twenty game developers attend the event. Five teams developed five different games in the genres of shooter, slinger, jumper, platformer, and puzzle. Many of the teams spent Friday evening planning their games and coming up with unique designs that blended genres. On Saturday, we had catering from a few local businesses that were happy to help support us, and Sunday was one big crunch day.

We could not have been happier with the outcome–every single game was well-designed and interesting to play. All of the members on every team worked hard to help their ideas come to life. During the presentations, every team came up and described the basic concept of their game, how the development of it went, and how their game can be set apart form other mobile titles in their genre. More importantly, all of the games that were created for Arcade Challenge will be released in an upcoming Mobile Mesh title! We had tons of students come to us after the event and tell us how great of an opportunity it was. Some of the members of GAMED, the local college game development organization, mentioned it was one of the best game jams they’d ever been a part of.

We want to thank you for coming out to Arcade Challenge last weekend. It couldn’t have happened without your passion, your skill, and your love for creating games. From the whole team at Mobile Mesh, we’re glad that we could create a great experience for you! If you didn’t attend Arcade Challenge, no worries! We’re looking forward to future events in collaboration with UW-Whitewater, and we’ll hopefully be able to do this again some time in the future!

We have more news coming very soon about our first few games. Look forward to it!