Creating Mobile Experiences that Connect People in Fun and Engaging Ways

Mobile Mesh Games is focused on creating a new category of games: “Live Multiplayer Social Games”. Our games will mesh people and mobile devices together in FUN and ENGAGING ways, bringing back the feeling of traditional games where face-to-face interaction is a core part of the gameplay. We’re always working towards new ideas, innovations, and games in the mobile space that will bring completely unique experiences into the hands of consumers.

Meet the Mesh Masters…
Liz Eversoll
Liz EversollCEO / Co-Founder
Liz Eversoll has spent the last 20 years in the IT industry and has extensive experience as a business owner, IT executive, technology services and reseller executive, and consultant. She is a serial entrepreneur. She is an active participant in the WI startup community and sits on a number of boards mentoring young technology startups. Her passion is building businesses with great teams, strong vision and disruptive potential.
Drew Jones
Drew JonesCGO / Co-Founder
Drew Jones has spent the last 19 years in the IT industry and has extensive experience as an application developer, graphic designer, consultant, and business owner. Drew has had a lifelong passion for all forms of games from board games to video games. Matter of fact if you want to throw rocks into a pond he will likely make a game of it. As our Chief Games Officer he has a plethora of exciting game ideas and designs that are sure to provide fun and engaging experiences for all ages.
Brandon Korth
Brandon KorthGame Designer
Brandon has led UW-Whitewater’s on-campus game developer organization, GAMED, for the last year and a half. His passion for shaping the ideal development team has made him into a great leader and an even better producer. User experience is a priority of Brandon’s, and the award-winning game projects that he’s worked on at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater show that. He was our first student intern at Mobile Mesh Games, and that experience has honed him into a fantastic project lead.
Max Mallory
Max MalloryCommunity Manager
After writing for three different game journalism publications, Max knows what’s essential to a good game—the players. He has a drive to spread the word about unique and interesting games that really make waves in this industry. This passion, along with his skills in PR and copywriting, have led him to Mobile Mesh.
Orrin Oliver
Orrin OliverGame Programmer
Orrin’s best-in-show project at a recent hackathon proves two important things about him: He’s a creative programmer, and he can solve problems. Those things alone make Orrin a great member of any game development team, and as one of our core programmers, he’s become invaluable in the creation of our titles.

Always making new games and experiences to help you connect, socialize, and MESH with others!